Rate and Policy


Our Translation Rate:


We provide competitive rate. All documents will be quoted in the source language by the number of words. Sometimes a flat rate for per page translation could be negotiated.


Please e-mail or fax us your document for a quote and timeline first. We guarantee that everything will be confidential.


Our Rate for Interpretation Service:


We start from C$50.00 per hour and a minimum of 2 hours will be charged. The rate depends on the task in i.e. mission content, location, hours, etc. Details could be negotiated.


Our Rate for Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing in Multi-languages:


All the services related will be quoted case by case. Please call us and discuss the details.


A.S.A.P.or Rush translation or interpretation:


A.S.A.P.or Rush translation or interpretation orders are quoted and delivered within 48 hours depending on the degree of difficulty of their content or graphic works. Arrangements could be made by phone and details could be discussed with our representatives at:


Allspeed Translations & Consultants Inc.


Phone (416) 483-9978 Fax (416) 483-0238


Or E-mail us at: info@allspeedtranslations.com


You can always reach us 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!


Our Responsibilities & Obligations:


Our company is committed to excellence and quality in its translation and interpretation work and guarantees our clients' trust, satisfaction and confidentiality.

All the services related will be quoted case by case. Please call us and discuss the details.


Our company will only be held responsible for accuracy in its translation work and not for the content of the document translated. The views, opinions and content are the unique and sole responsibility of its creator and do not reflect in any form or way the policies or philosophy of our company.


Our Delivery Services:


Our company will not be held responsible for any failure to deliver its translation products on time if the client's server or Internet provider is down or out of order. However, if we are notified on time, we will use any possible means, i.e. fax, courier, or modem, to deliver the translations.




Corporate Clients


Before any translation or interpretation job proceeds, all corporate clients are required to fax or e-mail a P.O. (Purchase Order) upon approval of the price we quoted. Payments for any due accounts should be submitted within 30 days maximum. Payment could be paid by cheque, money order or bank transfer.

Non-Corporate Clients


Non-corporate clients will be quoted upon request in Canadian or in the equivalent US dollar rate. If approved by the client, we will request payment of 50% of the full amount in advance, by certified cheque or cash. However, we will not process the cheque until the client has approved the final product.