About Us:


Allspeed Translations & Consultants Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, more than 10 years in business, is a progressive, innovative, and expanding translation, interpretation and graphic design/DTP company providing a single source of language services for various purposes of our clients.


Our Growth Opportunities:


We are working diligently in order to meet the needs of our clients who strive to obtain above average returns. With our professional language service, our clients develop their capabilities as their business venture grows both in domestic and international markets.


We assist our clients with sources of different language services, and provide our clients with links to the relevant business contact overseas as well. We succeed because our clients develop so rapidly in both domestic and international markets.


Our Translator and Interpreter Team:


For a guarantee of excellence and integrity in language services, look for the title of Certified Translators or Interpreters. All those who hold it undertake to honor the Code of Ethics, which includes such provisions as confidentiality of client information. This title is the best assurance of quality.


We have a team of certified translators, certified interpreters, and language experts to provide the excellent services for all of our clients.


Our team members are not only language specialists; they also have rich knowledge in different fields such as law, business, international trade, different industries.


We are confident of our ability to handle any work entrusted to our care to your complete satisfaction.


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